Mortal Kombat reboot?

What a way to start your morning!

Take a look at this ’cause it’s pretty amazing. This is a short known as Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. This hit the net yesterday and gives a new, gritty vision to the beloved video game franchise. Try not to completely loose your mind!



This short was directed by Kevin Tancharoen. If you aren’t familiar with him, he’s the guy who directed the remake of Fame. Talk about a leap! This is not a trailer for the new film, instead, this was a side project for the director. No studio was involved in the making of this and he called in a bunch of favors to bring this to life.

Warner Brothers, who currently hold the rights, had talked about rebooting the franchise for sometime and Tancharoen had been an avid fan of the game for many, many years. He had has own unique vision. This is pretty elaborate.

Here are a couple of notes regarding the production:

  • They shot the short film over two days on two RED cameras
  • Started in early April and it took 2 months to do the post production.  Most people donated their time.  The short was made for $7,500
  • Knew if he was going to get a chance at a genre picture, he’d have to show he could do it on his own.  This is a calling card for a chance at making the next Mortal Kombat feature film and it’s his vision for how he’d do it.
  • No one at any studio knew he was doing the short
  • Oren Uziel wrote the short.  He’s currently listed on IMDb to write the next Mortal Kombat movie at Warner Bros.
  • Says he wants to make a movie that balances the real world with the mysticism and the special powers.  Compares it to the way Harry Potter exists in two worlds.  As in there are two universes that coexist with each other.
  • Confirms “fatalities” are definitely in his movie.  He wants to put them in the tournament in an “organic way”
  • Definitely would use “get over here” (the classic line from the game)
  • Michael Jai White plays Jax Briggs in the short and he’d definitely be a part of the feature.
  • Says Scorpion is the bad guy and will stay a bad guy
  • They only had 4 hours to shoot the big fight scene

I think that this is solid way to bring the franchise back. It’s something fresh and new and a far cry from most of the reboots and remakes out there. Last I heard, Threshold Entertainment (the production company that’s responsible for the first two films) had filed a “breach on contract” suit against Warner Brothers putting a reboot film in development limbo. Hopefully, this short will kick start something.

There is going to be a fan uproar for Kevin Tancharoen to helm the project if it moves forward.

What do you guys think?

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