Glee Season Two Spoilers!

There is some sincere irony in this post. It was less than 24 hours ago that I yelled at one of my co-workers because I HATE spoilers. Yet here I am, not only reading about them, but posting them too. There aren’t HUGE spoilers. They are vague at best. Tim, this one is for you.

Glee, the smash fit phenomena, just concluded their freshmen run of the air. According to the ratings, it has hit a record for the highest rated season finale of a first year show. It’s been renewed into its 3rd season and the writer’s and producers definitely have their work cut out for them.

Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator gave a glimpse of what is in store for Season 2, which includes adding a series of new characters: love interests for Kurt and Mercedes and a new rival for Rachel – a Christian Country music singer.

While not much else has been nailed down (or nothing they want to disclose) they do seem to know where Season 2 will end:

“I know that Season 2 ends at Nationals in New York. I don’t know if they’ll make it – we haven’t figured that out.”

As a fan… I am sincerely worried about where this show is going. What grade are they all in anyway?! You have at least three more seasons to kick out and they can’t justify how everyone is sticking around high school much longer than anyone should.

A perfect example is the show Greek. Greek is one of my most treasured shows. The entire concept of the show hangs on the fact that they are all college students in the Greek system. When they first introduce most of the main characters, they are all juniors. They are now heading into season 3 and all have yet to graduate. How did they accomplish this? Messing with the space time continuum! Instead of an entire season taking place over the course of a year… a whole season would chronicle the events of a semester at school or even in some cases a quarter. This gives you plenty of time to spend with these kids and still keep them in their high school setting.

I would also love to see some character development on Mike and Matt. You know those tow guys in the back that hardly ever get any writer love!? What the pants! They are full fledge members of Glee and deserve to have a character trait beyond being know as the guy who dances or “Other Asian.” Why add more characters when you could develop the ones you have?

I also feel that the show needs to get better at the storyarchs. ┬áMany of the great storylines that start get resolved within an episode or two. They got it right in the first half of the first season with the truth about Quinn’s Baby-Daddy and Mrs. Shue’s fake pregnancy. Maybe the Jesse St. James introduction was supposed to do that, but it fell a little flat in hitting a home run.

While I’m a big fan of the show, it’s starting to head into “Repetitive Town.”

Please Ryan Murphy! You have an amazing opportunity here, don’t screw it up!

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