Not Ben Browder!!!

Ben Browder

Anyone else remember this guy!?

I can’t imagine that a lot of you recognize this guy, but to me he is one of the best actors in the business. Personally, Ben Browder will always hold a special place in my heart as Commander John Critchton from the Sci-Fi Channel series, Farscape. After that show ended he found himself as a regular on Stargate SG-1 along side former Farscape cast member, Claudia Black.

Basically, I’ve been waiting forever for this guy to get another good job. I’m sure Ben has too.

He got his hands into pilot season this year. He was cast as the Coach for the CW’s new cheerleading drama, Hellcats. The future of a pilot is always uncertain, but Hellcats was picked up to series this week by CW. Unfortunately while the series was picked up, our dear Mr. Browder was not. They are planning on recasting the role as well as re-tooling the character.

Please bare in mind that this sort happens is very common.

I just wanted to express that I am super bummed out about this. Just when I thought that Ben Browder was going to return to television.

I want to officially start a campaign to get Ben Browder the best job on television. Any ideas?


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One Response to Not Ben Browder!!!

  1. Drewbles says:

    Get him a recurring role / lead into a series regular role on Glee as the new Gym teacher who poses as a social threat to the Choir teacher.

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